Hospitable travelers support projects

Because just dreaming is not enough, we actually dó something to make our world more beautiful. In two ways:

  1. The platform facilitates face-to-face meetings of hospitable travelers.
  2. The members present and support projects that have a social goal.

As a member of ConnectingFriends you may present such projects. All members donate €5 per month to a collective fund. After careful selection by the platform members, selected projects will receive financial support from this fund. The hospitable traveler who suggested the project is responsible for reporting on the project's social impact. Short lines of communication, and small scale, are core in the approach.

Do you know people who participate in such a project? Do you wish to support them? And are you also open to meet with other members of the platform? Then don't hesitate. Subscribe as a member of ConnectingFriends. To do so, use the button REGISTER on this page.

Projects of ConnectingFriends

The organization is young and small yet. Nevertheless there is already a project, presented by a member of ConnectingFriends. You can help us making our dream come true, by sharing our dream.

Maria builds and opens a nursery on the Cape Verde Islands, because she is convinced of the long-term value of good quality care for toddlers.


Implementation and accountability

All projects are proposed by members of Connecting Friends. The members also decide about the allocation of funding. For that reason, members receive an overview of projects, and they determine the allocation of available resources over the various projects, through a simple voting mechanism. This creates a system of micro-financing for social projects, in such a way that each individual contribution to the fund is directly linked to a specific project.

The member who forwarded the project is also accountable for the effective utilization of the funding granted by the other members. To this end a report of the results will be published on the site.

On an annual base, ConnectingFriends reports to its members how much was received in the fund, and how this was spent on selected projects. ConnectingFriends is acknowledged as a non-profit social enterprise, aiming for a full utilization of the fund to the selected projects. Due to the high degree of participation by the members of the platform, this creates a highly efficient operation of the fund: the cost of a complex organization, as with many large-scale charitable organizations, is avoided, and the small scale of the projects allows for a self-reporting model to demonstrate the effective spending of allocated funding by the members concerned.

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