Meetings lead to valuable projects

Because just dreaming is not enough, the ConnectingFriends Foundation actually does something to make our world more beautiful. In two ways:

  1. The members present, select and support social projects.
  2. The platform facilitates face-to-face meetings between members.

A project that contributes to a better world starts with a meeting. Currently, the ConnectingFriends members support two projects: a day-care center for young children at Cape Verde and the "Circle of Integration" in the Netherlands. If you join the platform, you too can present a social project.

Day-care at Cape Verde

Since January 2017, the members of ConnectingFriends support a day-care on the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde. In January 2018, a second donation was made. Read more about the project "Day-care at Cape Verde" ...

Circle of Integration

In March 2018 two members of ConnectingFriends present a plan to tackle the invisible problem of illegal refugees in the Netherlands. The proposal is based on the successful Canadian concept 'Group of Five'. Read more about the project the 'Circle of Integration' ...

How do we support projects?

As a member you donate €6 per year to a collective fund of ConnectingFriends. You may also present a project. After careful selection by the platform members, selected projects will receive financial support from this fund. The member who suggested the project is responsible for reporting on the project's social impact. Short lines of communication, avoiding overhead, and small scale, are core in the approach.

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Implementation and accountability

All projects are proposed by members of ConnectingFriends. The members also decide about the allocation of funding. For that reason, members receive an overview of projects, and they determine the allocation of available resources over the various projects, through a simple voting mechanism. This creates a system of micro-financing for social projects, in such a way that each individual contribution to the fund is directly linked to a specific project, and members really relate to the selected projects.

A member who forwarded a project is also accountable for the effective utilization of the funding granted by the other members. To this end a report of the results will be published on the site.

On an annual base, the ConnectingFriends Foundation reports to its members how much was received in the fund, and how this was spent on selected projects. Due to the high degree of participation by the members of the platform, this creates a highly efficient operation of the fund: the cost of a complex organization, as with many large-scale charitable organizations, is avoided, and the small scale of the projects allows for a self-reporting model to demonstrate the effective spending of allocated funding by the members concerned.

Become a member

Are you open to meetings, do you want to save money and contribute to the projects? Then sign up. Use the green-blue 'Register' button at the top of this page. Do you want to know more first? Then go to 'Membership'.

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