ConnectingFriends Foundation

The ConnectingFriends Foundation manages the platform and ensures that the contributions of members benefit the social projects.
Board members do not receive compensation for their efforts. Work is carried out in the form of volunteer work.

Address: Achterstekamp 31, 9301 RB  RODEN, NL
CoC: 71491775
RSIN: 858736883
Founding date: April 20, 2018
Chair: Marian Stoppelenburg
Secretary/treasurer: Jan van Bon

Policy plan 2018-2020
The foundation aims to support projects with socially responsible goals and to facilitaie meetings between members to improve social cohesion. The foundation does not aim at making a profit.
Menbers are couples and singles with room in their homes and in their hearts. They are people who are open to meeting strangers, who offer each other a hospitable welcome and stay, without paying each other for it.
The foundation works from the idea that meetings between people make the world more beautiful. If people have more attention and understanding for each other, there will be fewer conflicts in the world, and the available resources will be distributed more fairly.

The foundation contributes to a better world in two ways:
• The members support projects for a better world in a practical and financial way; projects are proposed and approved by the members.
• The platform facilitates worldwide meetings between hospitable members.

In 2018 the members of ConnectingFriends support two projects: a day-care in Cape Verde and the 'Circle of Integration'.

How the foundation operates
The foundation manages the online platform, and promotes the use of that platform.
The board of the foundation assesses the projects that are submitted for the spending of the funds in the 'piggy bank', and reports on this to the members annually.
The board submits projects that meet the objectives of the foundation to the members, after which the members vote how the available funds from the 'piggy bank' are allocated to the projects. Each member has one vote. The distribution of these votes determines the distribution of the available funds over the submitted projects.
The board supervises the correct use of the allocated funds and the reporting on them.

Funding for charities
In order to make social projects for a better world possible, members of the platform pay a monthly amount of € 5 to the 'piggy bank' of the platform. Members may nominate projects themselves for spending the contents of this 'piggy bank'.
Annual donations to selected projects are paid directly to the projects, if necessary via the petitioners, but only against the submission of all receipts.
The member who has submitted the project takes care of the reporting itself. Short lines and small scale are key here.
Financial reporting for the first financial year 2018 will take place in 2019.
The ConnectingFriends Foundation has two sponsors:
Consonante Communicatie
Inform-IT, Knowledge Center for Service Management


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