A better world starts with a meeting

Meeting people and making the world a little bit nicer through social projects, that is the core of ConnectingFriends. The network is still small. If you become a member, you are one of the pioneers and you contribute to more trust between people.

Hospitable people meet each other through ConnectingFriends. Will you join them?

On your own, or together with your partner:

  • you meet other members, as often as you want, at your home or at their homes
  • you contribute to projects that provide opportunities to others; opportunities you already have
  • you save each other costs for meals and lodging

The platform is for anyone who doesn't hesitate to open his front door for strangers. Read the experiences of others.

The ConnectingFriends Foundation manages the platform and ensures that the contributions of members benefit the social projects.

Become a member

Are you open to meetings, do you want to save money and contribute to the projects? Then sign up as a member. Use the green-blue 'Register' button at the top of this page. Do you want to know more first? Then go to 'Membership'.