Day-care at the island of Santo Antão, Cape Verde

On Monday, January 9, 2017, Marian and Jan presented the first donation to the management of a day-care for young children on the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde. In January 2018, an amount was donated to the day-care for the second time.

Maria from Rotterdam, born on Santo Antão, is a member of ConnectingFriends. She stays in Cape Verde for half of the year. She has been working on her dream for years and opened a day-care in Santo Antão in 2015, because she is convinced of the long-term value of good care for toddlers and young children.

In the video on this page you can see the handing over of the donation by Marian Stoppelenburg, initiator (together with Jan van Bon) of ConnectingFriends, to Sister Lourdes, who is in charge of the daily care of the children.

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