Join ConnectingFriends

Good to know

You consider joining ConnectingFriends. That's great! There are two important things to be aware of.

  1. As a member you do not pay a subscription fee, but you donate a contribution of €5 per month to a fund for social projects. This seems just a minor difference, but it's essential to the way we're organized. ConnectingFriends doesn't have a commercial goal. Read more about the fund and how we support projects....
  2. Soon, you'll also be a hospitable traveler, like the other members. You care about real meetings and true hospitality. For that reason members do not pay each other for meals and lodging. 

What can you do after subscribing?

At this platform, it's NOT about digital relationships. It's all about real meetings "at each other's home, in small groups, cosy at the table or at the porch".

What are your options, as a member?

  • you look for other members at the map
  • you send requests to others to meet at your place
  • you send requests to others to meet at their place
  • you propose a social project
  • you make others aware of ConnectingFriends

As a hospitable traveler, you actually are a donator with - as often as you like - fascinating meetings as a bonus. Once a year? Each week? That is entirely up to you. Does this appeal to you? Then don't hesitate any longer. Subscribe as a hospitable traveler, and prepare for fascinating meetings with other hospitable travelers.


Just a few steps to go

You need only a few steps more, to present yourself in all openness to the other members of the platform:

  • click the button 'REGISTER'
  • choose a user name
  • add your e-mail address
  • choose a password
  • agree to the Terms of Use
  • donate your first quarterly contribution of €15 to the fund

Complete your profile and location

After your first donation you receive an e-mail with the confirmation and with further instructions to finish your profile. As soon as your profile and your location are completed, you are visible on the map (only for other members of course) and you can immediately plan your first meetings.

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