Hospitable travelers

Do you have room in your home ánd in your heart?

Everything on this platform is aimed at face-to-face meetings between hospitable travelers, at your place, around the corner, 200 km away in the country, or somewhere abroad. Hospitable travelers are couples and singles with room in their homes ánd in their hearts. Read what other people say about ConnectingFriends...

As a member of ConnectingFriends:

  • you meet other members, where and when you want to
  • together with the other members, you support projects that make our world a bit more beautiful
  • you save eachother the costs of meals and lodging

Who wouldn't love this? Nothing but benefits, for yourself ánd for others.

Hospitable travelers don't pay each other

ConnectingFriends offers you plenty of opportunities for surprising and cosy meetings, and fascinating conversations with other hospitable travelers. It's all about true hospitality, so you do not pay each other for meals or lodging. Meeting others is core.

It doesn't matter whether you travel by car, bike, train, plane, foot or boat. It doesn't matter whether you travel for personal, recreational or business purposes. It's all about meeting others and enhancing your social network.


Are you a hospitable traveler?

If you wonder whether you too are a hospitable traveler, than have a look at this list of 'characteristics'.

For example, if you

  • are really open to new social contacts
  • enjoy having others over for dinner
  • appreciate people and their ideas more than material stuff
  • like to support projects that make our world a bit more beautiful
  • treasure the memories of coincidental meetings with others, anywhere in the world
  • spend the night elsewhere at least a few times a year, for business, personal or recreational reasons
  • not always enjoy the regular, commercial, dinner and lodging accommodations
  • don't feel the need to make money from a spare bedroom

the odds are that you really are a hospitable traveler. Don't hesitate any longer. Subscribe as a member.

Become a member

Are you open to meetings, do you want to save money and contribute to the projects? Then sign up as a hospitable traveler. Use the green-blue 'Register' button at the top of this page. Do you want to know more first? Then go to 'Membership'.

The FAQ list also offers answers to a long list of practical questions. And of course you can always send us a message.

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